Happily married, half Danish and half English. I am currently living in Ballerup where I am studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Dimplomingeniør i Maskinteknik).

Through my education and my own initiative, I have been a part of many different projects which have shaped and sharpened my engineering skills. These projects, my many skills, and more info about my life outside of work can be found on this website.
I am current working at Kirkholm Maskiningeniører as an intern.


My official CV in PDF form can be downloaded through this link to Google Drive, as this website host does not allow in-site downloads. This PDF contains my CV, a description of some of my projects and my grades. This site is better enjoyed on a desktop.

Work experience

Volunteer Mechanical Engineer
      DanSTAR, DTU rocket team
Substitute teacher
      Ølsted school
      North Sealand, various companies
Freelance video editor
      Remote, various companies

IT skills

• SolidWorks | 3 years
• Fusion 360 | 2 years
• Ansys Granta | 2 years
• Maple | 5 years
• Matlab | 2 years
• Python | 2 years
• C# | 2 years
• Photohop | 8 years
• Microsoft programs | 5 years
• Google programs | 5 years

General skills

• Thorough and precise in everything
• Professionally minded
• Structured, organised & well prepared
• Team leading and responsibility
• Dependable and consistent
• Knowledgeable with both academic
and physical work
• Able to balance work and fun


Native in Danish and English.

Student of BEng Mechanical Engineering at
the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.
Happily married, half Danish, half
English. Dependable and consistent colleague.


BEng Mechanical Engineering
      DTU Ballerup
      Average grade: 7.5
Upper secondary education in A-level mathematics and physics
      U/Nord HTX Hillerød
      Average grade: 11.6

Passed DTU courses

• Applied control engineering
• Applied electrical engineering
• Calculus 1
• Calculus 2
• Documentation of products
• Dimensioning and strength 1
• Dimensioning and strength 2
• Dynamics
• Materials science
• Mechanical product analysis
• Mechanics
• Modelling and programming
• Product development
• Production technology
• Thermodynamics
85 total ECTS

Short background

Having grown up in a working-class family, a great work ethic has been at the forefront of all my professional and academic work. Even outside of work, my passions are still closely related to mechanical engineering, being cars, computers, biking, music and photography. I am married and live only 400 meters from DTU Ballerup.

Projects - in short

Table of contents

Designing a bike trailer ambulance
Numerical analysis of internal combustion engine
Designing a geared motor
Car suspension simulation
Strength testing polymers
CNC machining and metrology
Reverse engineering and CAD

Designing a bike trailer ambulance

62696 - Product developmentResumé
• Five person group.
• Fictional pitch asking for a bike trailer ambulance product.
• Research, design and prototyping.
• Culminated in a 1:5 scale working product, a 20 page report and an oral presentation and pitch.
• Only team to receive an A (12) grade.
My role
• Planning and organising the project and tasks.
• Making sure that the team was utilised effectively.
• Research and report writing.
Maks D. Bragt
Rasmus T. Mortensen
Marius Thun
William Bendix

Numerical analysis of internal combustion engine

62146 - Mechanical Product AnalysisResumé
• Five person group.
• The project was to be completed within 5 days.
• Required answering and calculating many different values for a theoretical ICE using numerical methods in Excel.
• The deliverable was a 13-page report answering all the given questions and tasks.
• The letter grade received for the report was an A (12) grade.
My role
• Planning the project.
• Taking charge on structuring and writing the report.
• Was the most knowledgeable about ICE's having previously worked with them extensively.
• Collaborating on calculations with Rasmus T. Mortensen.
Maks D. Bragt
Catrine U. Frølund
Rasmus T. Mortensen
Hjalmer Elmegaard

Designing a geared motor (ongoing)

62683 - Mechanical Engineering DesignResumé
• Two person group.
• The project brief was to design a geared motor (electric motor with transmission) where the gears could be changed to facilitate different gear ratios.
• Requires designing the entire gearbox, including the transmission components and the housing.
• The deliverable is a 35 page technical report and oral defense.
My role
• Planning and organising the project
• In charge of research, calculations, strength analysis, simulations, design, part assembly and technical drawings.
Tobias F. Bro

Car suspension simulation

62646 - Modelling and programmingResumé
• Three person group.
• This project called for programming the simulation of a car suspension using differential equations for a car suspension system using MATLAB.
• The deliverable was a 10 page report and description of the program and theory.
• The project received the top grade available in the course.
My role
• For this project, I actually ended up coding the entire program myself, as my teammates were otherwise occupied. This also meant writing most of the report myself.
• This was an enormous challenge, but ended up being a very fulfilling experience.
Rasmus T. Mortensen
Hjalmar Elmegaard

Strength testing polymers

41787 - Production technologyResumé
• Five person group.
• The focus of the project was to analyse and discuss the material properties of plastics formed with different production methods.
• Using statistical methods as a means to assess quality and production tolerances for series production.
• The deliverable was a 20 page report.
My role
• Making the G-code for the plastic specimen mold and CNC milling the mold.
• Injection molding 20 different specimens for each of the 4 plastic types.
• Strength testing 50 different plastic specimens.
• Data management for the different tests and specimens.
• Structuring and writing the report.
Maks D. Bragt
Magnus Kramhøft
Mathias Bording
Tobias F. Bro

CNC machining and metrology

41787 - Production technologyResumé
• Five person group.
• This project involved producing milled and lathed products to test the skill of the group. The products were evaluated using different types of tolerances, like achieving a certain roughness or diameter.
• Use of MasterCAM to make G-code.
My role
• Designed all the G-code used for the project - with help from expert machinists at DTU.
• Worked with the machinists to produce the products.
• In charge of structuring and writing the report.
Catrine U. Frølund
Maks D. Bragt
Mathias Bording
Tobias F. Bro

Reverse engineering and CAD

62145 - Documentation of productsResumé
• Solo project.
• Use SolidWorks to reverse engineer a product to the point of being able to make an assembly drawing of the entire product.
• The product in questions was a RS PRO Pneumatic 5 port Valve Actuator, for which everyone in the course was given their own physical product that could be measured.
• The deliverable was a technical report including realistic renders of the product, an assembly drawing for all the components of the product and a technical drawing for a complex component of the product.
• I received the letter grade B (10).
My role
• Using precise measurement methods to determine product dimensions.
• Utilising parametric design in SolidWorks.
• Learning to manage different part configurations.
• Using cosmetic threads.
• Applying correct materials, paint and labels for maximum realism.
• Using gear mates correctly.
• Much, much more.

About me

• I am 21 years old, born 19 June 2002.
• Even outside of work, I am very interested in engineering. I follow many different fields closely, with my favourite areas of engineering being machine design (shocker!), production processes, heat transport and thermodynamics, anything with aerospace, and cars.
• I graduated from U/Nord HTX Hillerød with an upper secondary education in A-level mathematics and physics in 2021. I took 5 A-level in total, with the other three being English, Danish, and Digital Design. I also took B-level courses in biology and chemistry.
• My father is English and my mother is Danish, hence the "half English, half Danish" on my CV.
• I am bilingual and completely fluent in both languages.
• I am married to my wife who is also 21 years old, whom I live with in Ballerup. We have been together for a total of nearly 5 years and have been married for nearly a year.
• I am very fond of nature, having grown up in North Sealand where there are a lot of forests and beaches. Being outside is one of my favourite things to be, although, being a full-time student, that isn't always easy.
• I play guitar, bass and drums at an intermediate level, having previously produced my own music.
• I am also a huge fan of computer technology, having built several PC's for myself and others. I also enjoy coding as it is a very useful tool.
• Generally a huge engineering nerd.
• I also take nature photographs, which can be seen in the photography tab.

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